Tom's Storytime Press

Submission Guidelines

Tom's Storytime Press is on the look out for exciting and COMPLETE children’s books from debut and published authors and will offer a great 'Royalty Package' for any wonderful picture books that capture our imagination. We're particularly looking for the following topics, but at the same time, would never turn away an amazing book if we enjoyed it and felt it fit into our ethos:

  • Books about Sustainability

  • Books about Changing the World

  • Books about Saving the Environment

  • Books about Diversity or Culture

  • Books that send an important message about growth or development

At Tom's Storytime Press, our priority is finding great books with great messages, therefore we look firstly at the complete picture book (see how to submit below) before reading the cover letter, giving no bias to any author and mostly looking at great storytelling in a complete package.

Although, not as important, we do expect a covering letter which tells us a bit about yourself and your ambitions as mostly we're looking to see if you fit with our vision as we'd want our authors to share similar worldly views.


Customer Service is really important to us, so in the first instance we will make sure to reply either way to your submission, being it success or rejection. Dependent on volume of submissions will depend on how quickly we reply and hopefully a sign of our success as a growing company. Please keep this in mind if we take a while to reply.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch via our Contact Page


How To Submit

By email

Please note, we are looking for complete picture books that we could get onto our sister page 'Suboop' and offer to customers within weeks of contract exchange.


To submit: Please submit up to 3 picture books in 1 single email which will need to be on a full 'pictures included' PDF document. Make sure to include a front cover (within book or separate) and as many pages of your picture book as you feel will give us a good understanding of it. 

In your cover letter within your email, please tell us a little about yourself, your motives, background and reason why you want to be part of this movement and also include a 2-3 sentence summary of each story, including target age group and target market. 


As a rough guide, we would expect a picture book to be between 300-1000 words, illustrated and professionally developed (e.g. with an editor and professional illustrator) and completed to a high standard. Books can currently be published or unpublished, but if you do receive a contract offer, we expect exclusive rights to publish your book.

If we do send you a rejection, please do not take this personally. It might be a fantastic book, but just not the right fit for us at this time. As we evolve we will look to take on more books of varying natures and hope to expand into Tween, YA and Novels. 

Remember, almost all the best writers have been rejected numerous times. Use this as motivation to grow, but at the same time, we wish you every success.