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Instructions for Each Magical Book.

My a series of 3 books that help kids start a journey, be it sending their book on its own journey, creating a scrapbook of amazing memories or discovering how to create your own picture book. See more details of how to complete each book below... 

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Flowers on Wood

My Book 



Step 1 - Buy Book 

Step 2 - Start your journey by completing Front Cover and first inside pages (make sure you read instructions in full).

Step 3 - Pass to a trusted friend or family member to continue completing their page - explain to them what they need to do (pass it on to a friend and so on).

Step 4 - As it reaches the last person, they'll complete the final page and start the return journey passing it to the person they received it from and so on (giving everyone a chance to read).

Step 5 - When the book is returned - read through and add a summary at the back to complete your book.

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My Book 

of adventures INstructions

My Book of adventures is designed for you to record your memories in a scrap book with prompts and a place to put your pictures to fill and keep for years to come.

Take pictures of your magical days out and either place into a collage and print or print smaller individual pics.

Here's where the fun begins - Cut out the pictures, glue and stick them into that day's page. Together, answer all the questions below so you record and help trigger those memories for years to come in one perfect book.

Flowers on Wood
Flowers on Wood

My Book

by me


Have you ever wanted to write your own picture book? Now, start your author journey by working through the pages.

With simple prompts and ideas pages, use the book to guide you through the process and then create something you're really proud of.

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